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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Inside this natural colored canvas bag is a bright pink liner which matches the embroidery. The outside is adorned with pink ribbon and a bow and is embroidered with the word angel.

Totally Tyra is my creative outlet. I'm a stay at home mom to my 2 year old daughter and she is the inspiration in everything I do.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


These handmade black and silver lined gold fringed earrings have 15mm silver lined gold bugle beads on the fringe. It gives them a rather elegant look. These earrings are almost 3in. (7.62cm) long. When measured from the surgical steel ear wire, they are nearly 3 1/2 in. (6.85cm) long. They have lots of movement and sparkle to them.

The surgical steel ear wires make them hypo allergenic.

My name is Sue and I have been "playing with seed beads off and on since I was about 9 and got my first loom. I love the variety of colors they have and the infinite possibilities of creating with them.

I live in the woods with my husband and a goofy little toy poodle named Sparky. About 6 months ago, Sparky decided he wanted to live with us instead of his neglectful owner, so in he moved.
We have a grown son who and are going to be first time grandparents to a grandson around the end of March

Friday, June 19, 2009


Bracelet made with chainmaille and one of my handmade polymer clay beads. Chainmaille is a weave known as 'Gridbox' and is done with two tones of blue anodized aluminium rings and black EPDM rubber rings, making it stretchy enough to fit over the hand. Polymer clay bead is sanded and buffed and attached with a piece of black coated copper wire.
I'm a busy mum of 5 with a love of jewellery and creating... and now I'm offering it for others to enjoy. I live in Australia.

I gain inspiration from everything at different times. I have very eclectic tastes and this will be apparent in the variation of items available in this studio.
Sometimes my family get involved too, especially my mum, she knits amazingly quickly.
Recently three of my sons, 13 year old twins and a 10 year old, decided to help out. So I have given them their own pages, everything on those pages is made by them, with minimal help from me. I am the Guildmaster for the ArtFire Chainmaille Guild, a member of the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild, The ArtFire Cafemom Team, Australians on Fire Guild and the We Love ArtFire Guild and a columnist for the Craft Techniques Department of I am an Administrator on an online forum - Alundra's Conundrum, Moderator on the Handmade Artists Forum and a member of BeadingForum dot com dot au. I love what I do, even though I am very busy. I am happy to receive custom orders, so if you see something you like, but you want it a different colour or slightly different style then contact me and we can work together to make you something unique that you will cherish. Please note that my items are One Of A Kind, and whilst I can make similar articles, I don't make exact copies. I am also more than happy to trade.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farming Season

I have been away for the pasted week, It is farming season and the weather in helping any. It has rained here for 16 days. I will try to get back in the swing of thing in the next day or so. If I missed you on crazy train I am sorry.

Friday, June 12, 2009


This is a clear glass dish filled with tropical cooler scented pink gel wax. This gel has pink wax breast cancer ribbons embeded. A wonderful way to show your support! This candle weighs 1 lb 13.4 oz and is 4 1/2 in. by 4 in. tall. Please read and follow burning instructions included with all my candles.

We are located in the Catskill Mountains of N.Y. We was blessed with three boys, our youngest son is still at home, our middle son is now a Marine in the USMC. and our oldest son passed away in Dec. 07 from a terrible accident. KICKINSKREATIONS was created in Jan 08 creating my items helped and continues to help me through the times i need it most. Our son Shawn gives me the strength and is in the items that make up kickinskreations. We also run a gift shop in the Catskill Mountains that also features my items. In my free time I do street fairs and functions in my community. I am always looking for new items to make, and look forward to expanding to new adventures in my craft making.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


A full 16 inch strand of Smoky Quartz 4-sided oval beads. They are approximately 15 x 11mm in size.

I have been beading for about 10 years. I have been know to over indulge when purchasing beads, often buying 2, 3 or more strands when 1 strand was probably enough.

I have now decided to share my over stocked inventory with you, as I have just about taken over every room in the house.

I will continue to make jewelry and sell it in my other Artfire Studio "AccessoriesByGottjoy". And yes, I'll probably still over indulge myself when it comes to buying beads - which means I'll just have more to sell in my destash studio.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I love these earrings they are so easily dressed up or down, crafted with sterling silver and amazing blue apatite these earrings are absolutely fantastic. They measure approx 2" from the top of the earwire.My jewelry is a mirror.

Not only does it show the reflection of myself,but also of you and your personality. I am compelled by a love triangle. My need for a creative venue, the need for beautiful objects to be manipulated and your need to be beautifully adorned.

I most frequently work with Sterling silver, Gold filled, Copper, Brass, Leather,Gemstone, Swarovski Crystal, Pearls. However any medium that inspires my imagination to transpire can be found in my designs.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Southwestern-inspired necklace is made from nuggets of chalk-turquoise and red coral. The pendant is a large 40mm red marble cabochon that has been beaded with chalk-turquoise heishe, red coral, and silver and red seed beads. The necklace center hangs at approximately 24". Matching earrings will be included at no extra charge--my gift to you!

I have always loved and admired the Indian and Southwestern silverwork. This necklace is my interpretation of that distinctive style, translated into beadwork.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Handcrafted wirework 8mm glass flowers with 4mm jonquil Swarovski Austrian crystals and glass leaves.
Resembles the aromatic "plumeria" flower here in Hawaii that blooms in the early spring. Wirework are of non-tarnishing artistic wire with toggle end clasps. Measures about 17-1/2"

From the busy world of architecture to jewelrymaking, Aloha, I am a mother of two bubbly "wahine" 12 and 10 and my mom "Nana Puring" is a retired teacher. I am a self taught jewelry designer. I learned every techniques and design by browsing through books and magazines and practically doing it all by myself, while my mom I would say is a gifted crafter in crocheting.
I was also an instructor/demonstrator at OLELO TV with Carole Mitos show -Hawaii's Hobbies and Crafts, a volunteer work I did for 6 months, that had allowed me to explore the world outside the 4 corners of my home studio. I have worked with Craft Supplies of Honolulu and Ben Franklin Crafts. I have taught jewelry classes at Ben Franklin for almost a year and looking forward to meet a bunch of my eager friends and student early next year 2009.
I have truly found the simple pleasures of life and enjoyed making jewelry away from the complicated demands of the construction world which I have given up to attend to the needs of my two girls. From drafting board to beadboard, my passion for crafting and jewelry making is such a treasure I hold close to my heart because it allowed me to enjoy the wonderful growing years of my two girls, that's how I came up with my company's name "Kraftouch Treasures".

Jewelry making and crafting are my "haven of rest", keep me all alive from all the challenges in life.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Pair of Hair Sticks-antler with turquoise inlay
This is a matched pair of antler hair sticks with walnut wood from our local area of Utah. We placed a turquoise inlay in an empty knot area of the wood capping the end of the hairstick. They are 5 1/2 inches long.~These are amazingly strong hair sticks made from deer or elk antler, which are locally shed.~ ***No animals have to be harmed to acquire antlers. They are shed each year and regrown in a natural process.*** *Each one is finished and smooth. The ends are capped with a beautiful piece of walnut from our local area.This pair has a turquoise inlay in one of the wood knots.*These will hold an immense amount of hair without breaking.This pair is 5 1/2 inches long.Theyare curved and so sit along the head very comfortably.