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Friday, June 5, 2009


Handcrafted wirework 8mm glass flowers with 4mm jonquil Swarovski Austrian crystals and glass leaves.
Resembles the aromatic "plumeria" flower here in Hawaii that blooms in the early spring. Wirework are of non-tarnishing artistic wire with toggle end clasps. Measures about 17-1/2"

From the busy world of architecture to jewelrymaking, Aloha, I am a mother of two bubbly "wahine" 12 and 10 and my mom "Nana Puring" is a retired teacher. I am a self taught jewelry designer. I learned every techniques and design by browsing through books and magazines and practically doing it all by myself, while my mom I would say is a gifted crafter in crocheting.
I was also an instructor/demonstrator at OLELO TV with Carole Mitos show -Hawaii's Hobbies and Crafts, a volunteer work I did for 6 months, that had allowed me to explore the world outside the 4 corners of my home studio. I have worked with Craft Supplies of Honolulu and Ben Franklin Crafts. I have taught jewelry classes at Ben Franklin for almost a year and looking forward to meet a bunch of my eager friends and student early next year 2009.
I have truly found the simple pleasures of life and enjoyed making jewelry away from the complicated demands of the construction world which I have given up to attend to the needs of my two girls. From drafting board to beadboard, my passion for crafting and jewelry making is such a treasure I hold close to my heart because it allowed me to enjoy the wonderful growing years of my two girls, that's how I came up with my company's name "Kraftouch Treasures".

Jewelry making and crafting are my "haven of rest", keep me all alive from all the challenges in life.

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